Going Green


Why Recycle
Valvoline NextGen. Engine protection that doesn’t cost the earth. At Valvoline, we believe recycling your oil is important to care for our precious environment. Here’s why:Recycling stops used engine oil from entering the soil and drinking water. Because engine oil never wears out, you are able to re-use this valuable resource.

Even though the additive package loses its effectiveness and the oil becomes dirty, the oil itself maintains its lubricity. By re-refining the base oil it can be restored to the same state as fresh base oil. By recycling used oil, it can be reused to make lubricant products.

The amount of energy used to find, drill, transport and refine crude oil is significant. Re-refined oil eliminates or reduces all these steps, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, reduced energy consumption and less pollution. Therefore, re-refined oil has a lower environmental impact.

NextGen Impact
MAKING AN IMPACTUsing Valvoline NextGen instead of conventional engine oils can deliver the following environmental benefits due to the re-refining process:

A 48% reduction in the use of fossil fuels used during the oil refining process.

A 40% reduction in harmful and acidic emissions.

A 20% reduction in global warming impact.

Oil Wise
There is a growing awareness for the need to collect, dispose and recycle used lubricants responsibly. As a company, Valvoline diligently makes an effort to collect and process used lubricants responsibly through their Oil Wise program. Membership in this program entitles customers to:• Collection of all used oil

• A Certificate of Assurance for the safe handling of your used oil

• Identification of existing used oil tanks showing participation in the program

• A free call 1800 number for ease of collection ordering/request

• Fax pick-up ordering facility or scheduled pickups, whether it may be a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pickup (subject to location)

Under Valvoline’s Oil Wise program, Valvoline’s third party collection contractor will remove all used oil from a majority of locations nationwide (limitation is subject only to very remote locations where additional charges may be necessary). Removal of used oil will be arranged under Valvoline’s Oil Wise program in line with EPA requirements.In metropolitan areas along the east coast of Australia, this service is provided free of charge (based on a minimum pick up quantity). In regional areas, the rate is charged out on a cents per litre basis. A minimum pick up quantity applies and is subject to collection frequency.


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